Doug Austin

An inauspicious start in track and field occurred when Austin was ‘discovered’ while high jumping in junior high school gym class circa 1967. The gym teacher pushed Austin to begin workouts with the high school team. Instead of excitement, Austin was horrified at the thought of making the journey up to the high school to work out with older students, none of whom he knew. Never rising to the Olympic heights he’d dreamed of, he still became enamored with the sport of track and field and has followed various levels since. Austin picked up a camera in 2005 and started photographing local sporting events, but has since gravitated back to mostly track-and-field photography, including a number of Heps Championships. He currently works as the business manager at The Mountain School of Milton Academy in Vermont, where he also teaches mathematics. “As with many journeys in life, looking back on the trail of events that led to where I am now, I never would have predicted the results,” he says.