Academic All-America

In the mid-1950s, the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) founded the highly regarded “Academic All-America®” program, unquestionably regarded as the premier awards program in intercollegiate athletics for honoring combined academic and athletic excellence. It is CoSIDA’s signature program. It has been presented a federal registration brand mark for “Academic All-America® and Academic All-American®” meaning that it is the sole organization that can refer to an awards program which includes that brand name.

CoSIDA fully manages and administers the Academic All-America® program across all divisions of play (NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, Canadian and Two-Year institutions) and the Academic All-America Hall of Fame. Capital One became the Academic All-America® program rights holder in January of 2012 for the total program (Academic All-America® and Academic All-America Hall of Fame®).

CoSIDA members nominate and vote with regard to the selection of Capital One Academic All-America performers in 12 sports (men’s at-large and women’s at-large [multiple-sport category], baseball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, softball, men’s track & field/cross country, women’s track & field/cross country and women’s volleyball) for all four divisional levels.

Track & field became part of the program in the 1980s and Princeton’s Augie Wolf and Harvard’s Jenny Strickler were the League’s first national honorees in 1983. In 2014, Dartmouth’s Abbey D’Agostino — a seven-time NCAA champion — became the League’s first Academic All-American of the Year, a single annual award for the top such athlete in the sport. Here are the all-time Heps’ Academic All-Americans:


First Team
John Friedman, Harvard (2002)
Thomas Hocker, Yale (2002)
Chris Labosky, Yale (2010)
Peter Callahan, Princeton (2013)

Second Team
Jim Sapienza, Dartmouth (1985)
Paul Gompers, Harvard (1987)
Robert Kempainen, Dartmouth (1987, 1988)
Thomas Hocker, Yale (2001)
Brian Chaput, Penn (2003, 2004)
Sean Furey, Dartmouth (2005)
Dan Lowry, Brown (2012)

Third Team
August Wolf, Princeton (1983)
Scott Anderson, Princeton (1996)
Ed Watts, Brown (1997)
Jeff Nord, Brown (1999)
Tom McArdle, Dartmouth (2002)
Sean Furey, Penn (2004)
Chris Labosky, Yale (2009)
Lucas Meyer, Yale (2005)
Rob Kerris, Dartmouth (2007)
David Nightingale, Princeton (2007)
Mike Hall, Penn (2008)
Chris Labosky, Yale (2009)
Nick Huber, Cornell (2012)


Academic All-American of the Year
Abbey D’Agostino, Dartmouth (2014)

First Team
Ilaria Rebay, Columbia (1987)
Jennifer Cobb, Cornell (1991, 1992)
Kristin Cobb, Dartmouth (1995)
Ginny Ryan, Cornell (1995)
Dora Gyorffy, Harvard (2000, 2001)
Karen Chastain, Cornell (2001)
Kate O’Neill, Yale (2003)
Laura O’Neill, Yale (2003)
Caroline Bierbaum, Columbia (2005, 2006)
Melanie Schorr, Dartmouth (2006)
Lindsay Donaldson, Yale (2007, 2008)
Abbey D’Agostino, Dartmouth (2013, 2014)
Adabelle Ekechukwu, Harvard (2014)
Devin McMahon, Cornell (2014)
Emily Shearer, Cornell (2014)

Second Team
Jenny Strickler, Harvard (1983)
Lindsay Donaldson, Yale (2006)
Becky Christensen, Harvard (2009)
Dakota McCoy, Yale (2013)

Third Team
Ginny Ryan, Cornell (1994)
Brenda Taylor, Harvard (2001)
Kate O’Neill, Yale (2002)
Laura O’Neill, Yale (2002)
Shonda Brown, Cornell (2005)
Naja Ferjan, Brown (2006)
Jesse Carlin, Penn (2008)
Megan Brandeland, Princeton (2009)
Alex Banfich, Princeton (2012)