Mission & Purpose

HepsTrack.com — independently operated by Brett Hoover — and former Heps champs Patricia Melton and Mary Boggs since 2009 — was founded as a way to spotlight Ivy League track & field and bring together the eight member communities for the good of the League. The site is neither affiliated with nor controlled by the Ivy League office.

HepsTrack’s reach — which has been growing steadily since its launch — is global, but concentrated in the Ivy League’s footprint, the Northeast corridor. A close look at visitor trends show that the typical visitor to the site was: 1. more educated than MENSA’s audience; 2. wealthier than Forbes’ visitors; and 3. younger than ESPN’s viewership.

The site — which is updated frequently — pops with activity during championship events (particularly Heps, but also national and global events). In 2012, HepsTrack.com was selected as recipient of the Adam Jacobs Award for excellence in online journalism by the Track & Field Writers of America.

And we’ve only just begun.