Breaking News — Usain Coming To The Ivy League

If you have been wavering about whether to go to the Penn Relays in two weeks, the ante was just upped. That’s because word is that Usain Bolt will be running in the USA vs. the World 4×100-meter relay for Jamaica at the 116th edition of the Carnival at Franklin Field on Saturday, April 24.

Bolt shot to super-stardom by becoming the hero of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (mild apologies to Michael Phelps) and then made a mockery of the recordbook of human achievement at the World Championships in Berlin last August. It was there that he ran 9.58 seconds for 100 meters and 19.19 for 200.

Yet Bolt recently told The Guardian of London that someday soon he might be able to focus and run fast. Hmmmmm.

Asked what the appearance of Bolt might mean for the size of the crowd, Penn Relays Director Dave Johnson said, “That would be hard to tell. We have never had something like this happen in my lifetime.”

What he left open was the possibility that Paavo Nurmi caused a similar sensation in 1929. Really!

Mark this down, April 24th — even without Nurmi — will be like a track-and-field Mardi Gras at Franklin Field and all the Heps teams will be on hand for the party. And we’re pretty sure that Mr. Bolt will gladly accept serving as the grand marshal. If you want to join the fun, pull out your credit card and click here.

Bolt has run at the Penn Relays before… and we have video. Ignore the header, this was really 2003 and Bolt was the 17-year-old second leg for the winning William Knibb High School 4×100-meter dash. Knibb is wearing white and in the second lane from the wall. You will see him demolish his rivals at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy.

5 Responses to “Breaking News — Usain Coming To The Ivy League”

  1. Matt Holton says:

    Thanks for the post. I look-forward to seeing Bolt race. Hope they have the race on-line streaming.

  2. Jesse says:

    This race is from 2003.