Call It Official

As Indoor Outdoor Heps returns to Weaver Stadium in Princeton, N.J., there are a number of people to acknowledge. Overseeing this Championship are Meet Manager Mike Muska and Ivy League Assistant Directors Wesley Harris and Alex Searle. And the head referees represent an amazing collection of track and field brainpower — former Auburn and Olympic coach Mel Rosen (left) and long-time Penn State coach Harry Groves (right).

At Princeton, there are a number of folks to recognize, starting with President Shirley Tilghman. Her athletic department is overseen by Gary Walters and his senior staff of Erin McDermott, Inge Radice, Jerry Price, Chris Brock, Karen Malec and Steve Kanaby. Among those in the department serving the Championships are Jeff Graydon, Steff Sutton and Kristy McNeil as well as the Tiger training crew.

That certainly doesn’t include the Tiger coaching staff, which consists of Men’s Coach Fred Samara and Women’s Coach Peter Farrell as well as Steve Dolan, Marc Anderson, Robert Abdullah, Deidre Mullen, Jeff Zodda, Ed Roskiewicz, Thomas Harrington, Lisa Baumert and Mike Yurko.

Then we have the officials list for the meet, which features the following:
Jury of Appeals — Ed Gorman, Betty Costanza, Tom Farrell
Starters — Jim Webb, Paul Poiesz, Aubrey Taylor
Clerks — Ed Sabin, Ron McLean, Annette White, Eric Kollevoll
Multi-Events — Rob Doran, Mort Diamond, Jacques Lebel, John Macdonald, Monique White, Ken Yerger, Carolyn Griggs, Angela Gordon
Finish Line — Ben Kreitzberg, Rocetta Nelms, Ed Nelms, Leon Bailey
Umpires — Alex Johnson, Kurt Steege, Charlie Clark
Vertical Events — Ralph Fusco, Claire Koegler, Carl Huff, Larry Kalb
Horizontal Events — Jerry Leaness, Gerry Connell, Frank Palombaro, Dwight Green, Roger Probert, Hadiya Guerrero
Throws — Bill Crowther, Warren Martin, Mark Heckel, Peter Liander, Phil Maachiaverna, Leonard Levine, Earl Williams, Tom Hassard, Wayne Sadowski, Earl Edwards, Dave Gingras, David Lukoff, Mark Armstrong
Weights & Measures — Peter Liander, Phil Maachiaverna
Announcers — Andy Boyajian, Murray Peyton
Results — Roger Jennings, Cody Dannen, Ryan Jank (Flash Results)

Also, we must acknowledge the work of Dan and Dana Grossman, who volunteer to provide photos for the athletes, schools and parents year after year. To see all his work, visit Maple Leaf Photos.

Also on hand will be Mary Serdakowski Boggs, who was two-time Indoor Heps champion for Harvard. She has worked tirelessly to make a better place to visit this year.

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  1. Mary Boggs says:

    “As Indoor Heps returns to Weaver Stadium in Princeton, N.J., there are a number of people to acknowledge.” Psst… you should change this to “Outdoor Heps” 😉