Mascot Marathon Madness

Hey Quaker, Roar-ee and Keggie… Listen up.

Jefferson the Dog set a mascot marathon world record in Toronto recently, clocking an impressive 4:15.03 in his furry 25-pound suit.

Jefferson, AKA Peter Donato, had previously competed in an Ironman Triathlon in the Arizona desert, which begs the question of what a mascot does in the swim portion, no?

Anyway, he felt that experience prepared him for the marathon. “I was confident in beating the record as I have specific hot weather marathon running experience,” he barked.

Personally, I’d like to see Heps begin with a mascot mile, but then again that would surely be the end of Handsome Dan.

2 Responses to “Mascot Marathon Madness”

  1. Mary Boggs says:

    How do you have a mascot for Big Green and Crimson? I believe Cornell Big Red are bears, which doesn’t make them that unique within the conference since Brown are also the Bears.

    So we’d have 2 sets of bears (different colors?), lions, bulldogs, tigers, and some Quakers?

  2. Brett says:

    Well, the folks from your alma mater need to dip into their meager resources and create a mascot. Either that or borrow the Stanford tree for a race! 😉