In Their Own Words: Women’s NCAA Preview

Earlier in the week, we let the Heps men have their say about the approaching NCAA Cross Country Championships. Now it’s the women’s turn:

Devin McMahon, Cornell

I am very excited about the opportunity to run at Nationals. This season has far exceeded my expectations, both of myself and of my team. I’m just looking to go to Terre Haute and run as hard as I can and work with the great competition to finish my first college season as well as I can.

Caroline McDonough, Columbia

For me, a successful run at the NCAA Cross Country Nationals would be to make All-American. I know making All-American will be difficult to achieve, but making it would be such an accomplishment and honor. After Nationals I want to be able to say I am an All-American.

Alex Banfich, Princeton

As far as our team goals go, we are currently ranked 19th and just barely got an at-large bid to Nationals (we were the 29th team in out of 31) but we feel that there is a lot more potential on our team that hasn’t been fully realized yet this season. We really have not yet had a race where, as a team, everyone has ‘clicked’ together on the same day. We are definitely looking at Nationals to be that day and that race where we put together seven simultaneous, great performances. I think all of us are ready after so many weeks of training for a successful race as a team, so hopefully we can finally make that happen and finish much higher than we are currently ranked. We’re excited and ready to go!

One final thing. The answer to the Heps Trivia question will be posted under the comments of that post at 10 pm.

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