Your Ticket To Manhattan

I just got off the phone with folks at the Armory and I have some information regarding tickets for the Indoor Heps Championship, scheduled for Feb. 26-27.

There will be neither a pre-sale for tickets nor reserved seating at the Championships. One of the things we all know about Heps is that the athletes, fans and alumni from each school love to sit together, so the Armory has taken heed. Buy a ticket, sit with the folks from your favorite Ivy school.

There will not be a two-day ticket either, simply a daily ticket that can be purchased for $15 for adults and $8 for students with IDs (any school, not just Ivies!).

Update: I have gotten a few emails that have expressed concern about the price of the tickets. Please consider that the Indoor Heps Championship is a 12-hour event, which means each day is the equivalent of about three basketball or soccer games. That’s three times the personnel expense and three times the facilities and operating costs. The ticket income will also help fund some wonderful Armory service and educational programming. Is it more expensive than a typical Heps event held on campus, where costs can be contained? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

For a tentative schedule, directions, links to the official tourism sites and much more, please click here. Also, take Alicia Keys’ word for it — New York will inspire you, make you feel brand new.

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