Now There’s A Hot Ticket

Back when Rutgers, Penn State and West Virginia were still playing basketball in the Atlantic 10 Conference, the league’s post-season tournament took place at The Palestra on Penn’s campus. And it was an awesome tournament. If you’ve been part of a packed house inside The Palestra, you certainly know what I mean. Loud, exciting, intimate.

But then the A-10 decided it needed bigger digs, eventually bouncing over to the Spectrum, where it drew about the same number of fans, but became extraordinarily lifeless. Ten thousand empty seats in a large cavern will do that.

Which brings me to the story that has been blowing up my inbox in the last 24 hours.

Ken Belson of the New York Times is reporting that The Armory Foundation is “likely to formally announce next week” that the Millrose Games will move from Madison Square Garden to the Armory. Turns out that Wayne Coffey of the New York Daily News doesn’t bother with hedge words.

Cue the critics. A spokesperson from USA Track & Field called Millrose and the Garden “inextricably linked” and vowed to pull support if the event were to move. But not enough fans were “inextricably linked” to supporting Millrose at the Garden to make it sustainable.

Of course, the cache of the Garden is mighty. When it comes to location, there is simply no replacement for the world’s most famous arena. But as attendance sags and the price tag for the event increases, the Armory Foundation was forced to determine the viability of continuing at that venue.

If Millrose moves to The Armory, I see it as the A-10 Championship at The Palestra. Loud, exciting, intimate. The Millrose Games would no longer be limited by its venue. It could be an entire weekend event on a fast track, not the tight 145-meter oval.

The Armory would provide fast times, that intimate atmosphere, an economic boon to Washington Heights and the opportunity for many to be exposed to the wonderful National Track & Field Hall of Fame for the first time.

Coffey of the Daily News agrees, penning, “Even with the Armory’s potential drawbacks, track and field insiders believe that a building that is considered a mecca for the sport is the perfect place to restore prominence to the Millrose Games.”

My bet is that Millrose is about to become a hot ticket once again.

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