Discovering the Potential of Youth

We are back. After weeks of oversight of 100 high school juniors on a college campus, Heps Track is back in a bit of an exhausted state.

One Heps’ runner — Harvard’s Kirsten Jorgensen — served as one of the 15 teaching fellows in the X-Mester program and the students taking her athletic training course performed exceedingly well.

Jorgensen was also instrumental in a triathlon training activity, which was capped by more than a dozen young women completing a portion of the triathlon as part of a team. For most of the girls, it was their first-ever competition as well as a huge personal accomplishment.

Last Thursday, Dan McFeely of the Indianapolis Star authored a lengthy piece on the program and it made the front page of the paper. Here’s how it began:

Don’t ask Diamond Thompson what she plans to do when she earns her college degree. She doesn’t know yet.

For her, earning a degree is all about landing a good job, whatever that turns out to be. It’s about wearing the business suit. Carrying the briefcase. Maintaining the image of a professional.

“I want to have a job that is respected, one that people know I worked hard to get there,” said Diamond, who is 16 and a junior at Tech High School. “I’m just not sure what I am going to do yet.”

Diamond is sure about one thing, though: She will go to college.

In fact, she’s already there.

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