Profit Margins

Back in 1985, Eugene Profit soared at Outdoor Heps. Both he and Cornell’s Chris Chrysostomou had long jumps measured at 26-2, a mark that remains the longest in Ivy League history.

I was a college junior in Ohio at the time, so I have no idea what the conditions were like at Harvard’s McCurdy Track that day, but I often hear reports that those two athletes were aided by an unrecorded monsoon that day. Since four of the six top leaps in Outdoor Heps history were recorded that afternoon, I’d have to say that it is plausible that the leaps were wind-aided. Yet there is no evidence to support that… or refute it.

Regardless, those two have held the mark for 26 years now and no one has been within a foot for more than a decade.

Profit went on to a career as a cornerback in the NFL, but a hamstring injury sent him to the sidelines permanently in 1991. Then he went on to make his mark in the business world, building Profit Investment Management into a company with $2 billion in assets under management today.

Damon Hack of Sports Illustrated recently profiled Profit, who will be honored by the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation in East Hampton, N.Y., at a gala luncheon on Saturday. The Lewis Foundation is named for the first African American to build a billion-dollar company.

Sounds like Profit never landed after that historic leap.

Photo by Welton B. Doby III of Black Enterprise Magazine

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