The Heps Globetrotters

There are track meets involving current Ivy League teams still ongoing this late in June and they deserve our attention. No, we aren’t going to break down the heats, the times or the performances because, in the end, those won’t be the takeaways for the competing athletes.

You see, on Tuesday morning Harvard and Yale will be in Cambridge, England, for the 40th running of the Harvard-Yale vs. Oxford-Cambridge meet on the Wilberforce Road Track. The Bulldogs and the Crimson have been all over the United Kingdom together in the last week, having an experience of a lifetime.

Wrote Yale senior Johnny Van Deventer: “There is no longer a Yale bus and a Harvard bus, just two H/Y buses. We were not told to mix the buses, it just happened. And so we eventually boarded the Oxford bound buses in high spirits with a chorus of ‘nah nah nah nah, hey, hey, hey, H/Y,’ a vintage display of camaraderie and team unity. I am not ready to kiss goodbye to any part of this trip.”

At the same time, the Princeton Tigers are in Greece where they have been competing, cliff diving and visiting archeological sites. As you can see above, the team was able to run at Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympics.

For barefooted Tom Hopkins and Erin Guty, who won the footrace at Olympia, there will likely never be a more memorable race in their college career. And no one will care that there wasn’t a fully-automated timing system in place to record it all.

Once HYP are all back on campus in September, a contingent from Cornell — including coaches Robert Johnson and Kevin Thompson and runners William McFall and Andrew Arnold — will be making memories on a Cross World Africa trip to Kenya. They won’t be competing, but helping aspiring runners find their own path to college.

Welcome to the Heps’ Global Summer.

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