The Compliments Can Now Stop

Just this morning I received a complimentary email from a former Heps runner, pleased with the fact that I never mentioned a certain song over the weekend.

In fact, the email suggested that receive an award “for having multiple posts involving Delilah DiCrescenzo that didn’t include the word ‘hey’ followed by the word ‘there.'”

For those that don’t know, the Columbia grad and steeplechaser qualified for the World Championships at USA Nationals in Oregon on Sunday. She was also the focus of the Plain White T’s hit “Hey There, Delilah” a few summers ago.

Back when that hit, I was working at the Ivy League office and had, just months before, contracted David Silverman, a wonderful Providence-based photographer, to shoot at Heps. Given that I was holding the best public photos of her at the time, I heard from all over the world — London newspapers, Stern of Germany and, of course, People Magazine — about usage. For the entire week my office turned into “Hey There, Delilah” Central.

I will admit, I used references freely for some time. But I figured it was well past fun for her, so I gave it a rest this weekend, but on the very same day I receive a compliment, I get dragged right back into “Hey There, Delilah” World.

You see, Puma has decided to launch a series on DiCrescenzo and her efforts to conquer the track world. And the trailer for the series launched just today. And in it, she is talking about the song.

Deja vu.

One Response to “The Compliments Can Now Stop”

  1. Mary says:

    Puma is going to keep on airing Delilah ads that chronicle her prep/trip to Worlds later this year, so keep an eye out for new ones!