Let the Games Begin

Okay. Let me say upfront that I am not an impartial observer here.

I am a fan of The Armory and the New Balance Track & Field Center and recently I have begun to do some work with The Armory Foundation. I figured that that disclaimer was necessary before I pass along this nugget from a Doug Binder story on DyeStat regarding the Millrose Games:

“USATF was going to downplay the high school involvement,” Dr. Norb Sander, executive director of the Armory Foundation, said. “We want to maintain the tradition of the Millrose Games with a traditional schedule, a heavy influx of high school participation and also an increase in the number of college events.”

A bigger, better and faster Millrose that keeps the broad spectrum of track and field in play? We like!

Newly-minted meet director Ray Flynn, who represents a number of professional track athletes, also gave some insight to the demise of Millrose at Madison Square Garden:

“The 160 (yard) tracks are dinosaurs and modern athletes don’t want to run on them any more. I know that when I was trying to persuade my own athletes to run in this past year’s meet, they were saying to me, ‘No. I want to wait until Boston and run on a good track.'”

Feb. 11, 2012. Be ready.

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