Only We Can Understand

Harvard invites seniors of its varsity teams to contribute their viewpoints on the athletics website and Crimson distance runner extraordinaire Dan Chenoweth — a multiple Heps champion — gave his closing thoughts in a piece posted today. Here is a snippet:

We compete fall, winter, and spring, with the summer reserved for base training. The amount of rest and tune-up work required quickly limits other extracurricular activities. Many look at this as an unfortunate side effect of running, but I have come to look at it as an opportunity. It’s rare to be able to work hard, day after day, next to others pursuing the same goals, especially when no one is getting paid.

This is what I thank Harvard, and my teammates here, for: the rare opportunity to toil voluntarily next to other men, the feeling of unity in opposition and distinction to the rest of humanity. I have seen my teammates at their weakest points, and they have seen me at mine. We may not all be best friends, but we share a bond forged and tested by the road, by the track, and by the run, something that only we can understand.

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