Lessons In Marketing

Oh, Puma.

You have figured out how to get yourself seen on HepsTrack.com. Truthfully, I’d preferred if you’d sit Usain Bolt down in front of an HD camera. Deck him out in 10 tons of Puma gear and have him say, “I love HepsTrack and buy Puma.” He can then do his lightning bolt pose followed by a little dance. Post that on YouTube, send me the embed code and you will get loads of free advertising from me.

Instead you do something insidious. First, you made a reality series of a former Heps champion’s life (Delilah DiCrescenzo). Now, in the second installment, you are showing other former Heps’ champions (Liam Boylan-Pett, Erison Hurtault) out on the town with cake and beer. I now feel obligated to share the series with the HepsTrack crowd.

Here you go, audience, Puma’s first two episodes of ‘Delilah:’

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