Running For The Hansons

The art of reading books is one of those things that I have lost. Sadly, I am no longer of the book world, but I am definitely of the digital world. And I can say that outside of television ads for big-name authors, I don’t recall seeing a “book trailer” before.

But 2008 Heps 10k champion Sage Canaday, formerly of Cornell, has made a trailer for his book Running For The Hansons, which is described in its press release as “a book recounting his training with the team made famous by 2008 Olympic Marathoner Brian Sell and 2011 Boston Marathon second-place finisher Desiree Davilla.  The book provides a framework for how the team operates, including training, racing, and living a lifestyle centered around running.”

The Hansons-Brooks Distance Project is a program committed to developing post-collegians. The Hansons are brothers, Keith and Kevin, who own running stores in and around Detroit, Mich., have three houses where athletes live for free in pursuit of their running goals. Canaday — the youngest participant is the 2007 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials — has qualified for his second trials this year by running 2:16:52 at the Rock ‘n Roll San Diego Marathon.

Below is the book trailer and the book itself can be purchased in hard copy on Canaday’s website or on for the Kindle ebook.

Running For The Hansons (book trailer) from Vo2max Productions on Vimeo.

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