Ready For a Trip of a Lifetime?

I have gotten word that 1976 Boston Marathon champion Jack Fultz has received the invitation for a team of Ivy League graduates to participate in the Izumo Ekiden Relay race in October. That event is a six-leg, 44-kilometer relay event with the legs ranging from five to 10 kilometers.


This will be the last invitation if the team is unable to finish within the top 10 teams. “I’d like to do even better, but I’m never able to get the very best recent Ivy grads all together in a single year,” said Fultz.

If you are a graduate — with a proven record of running fast — this might be an opportunity too good to pass up. And you can assure the Ivy League’s entry into field for years to come.

Male Ivy grads who are eligible for the World University Games are eligible to compete. The entire trip takes seven or eight days (departing the U.S. around Oct. 6) and it is all-expenses paid! “I’m looking for athletes who will be capable of running in the very low 14:00 range or faster for 5k,” said Fultz. “It’s a trip of a lifetime.”

Wondering what World-University-Games-eligible means? Be either currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school OR no more than two years post-undergrad OR no more than a year post-graduate school. And you gotta be less than 28 years of age as of January 1, 2011.

If you meet that criteria — being a male Ivy graduate, being really fast, being kinda young and being recently in school — contact Jack directly via email.

And remember, your participation could help ensure the same opportunity for future Leaguers!

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