Hurdling Into Medicine

Aside from looking to score in the hurdles at Heps in the coming years, Ontario native Grant Sparling — a soon-to-be freshman on the Dartmouth squad — is on a fast track in the world of medicine.

Already recognized as one of “Canada’s Top 20 Under 20” by Youth in Motion, Sparling is the lead on a group called Medicine for a Better Tomorrow, which has a patent pending on Formulation V720, a drug billed as the world’s first flu vaccine in pill form. Not only cost effective, it reduces problems associated with inoculations.

“It could potentially be used for any dead vaccine,” he told Jay Webster of The Dartmouth earlier this month. “We’re looking at insulin right now. The design could be altered slightly, and it could eventually replace insulin pumps.”

Added Webster:

While the vaccine is not yet on the commercial market, Sparling said he and the other members of his team plan to make it publicly available in the future. His team will not assume the responsibility of commercializing the product, he said.

And what were you doing when you were 18?

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