London or Law School?

When Princeton graduate (and All-American) Ashley Higginson joined Coach Frank Gagliano’s New Jersey-New York Track Club recently, it was anything but a slam-dunk decision. It meant putting law school on hold as she tries to follow new teammate Delilah DiCrescenzo’s path onto the steeplechase world stage.

Wrote Tim Morris of the Freehold News Transcript:

Higginson eventually realized how passionate she is about track and how much running has come to mean to her.

“I was not ready to let go,” she said. “I couldn’t take the chance of asking myself later, ‘What if?’ That’s something I would regret.”

With that in mind she has embarked on a running career in which athletic achievement — not exams or term papers — is her top priority.

She also reveals in the story that she pushed too hard in the indoor season last year and developed a stress fracture that limited her workouts during the outdoor season, yet she still finish sixth nationally in the steeple.

Now Higginson will serve as a volunteer coach for the Tigers’ women’s team and work part-time at Lululemon Athletica as she chases her Olympic dreams into 2012.

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