The Great Garmin Debate

We are pleased to report that Kyle Merber, Columbia’s sub-four miler, is back from a bad foot injury that caused him to sit on the sidelines last year. Reporting that he is “just glad to be on both feet again,” Merber worked on his return to form by spending the summer with some of the nation’s top runners.

“We spent five weeks together in Maine in the Bangor/Bar Harbor area and where we were able to focus solely on training and living the lifestyle,” wrote Merber. “For me personally, having been out for the year, this was the perfect way to make up for the lost time away from training.”

Those on this summer journey were Merber, teammate Mark Feigen, Maine’s Riley Masters, Stanford’s Chris Derrick and Binghamton’s Erik van Ingen, who documented the adventure. FloTrack’s Ryan Fenton spent some time with the group as well and posted this exchange during a ride.

Merber, by himself, is battling against everyone — but mostly Derrick — in his support of the role of GPS in his training. We side with Merber on this one, mostly because he has been great to work with. He is accessible, honest, polite… We could go on and on, but in the end we are just glad he is back.

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