OMG! It Knocked Over A Chair

So, I was on a call with someone in Philadelphia today, when he paused and uttered a line made famous by Al Michaels in 1989 — “We’re having an earthquake.”

So how do we relate this to Heps? That’s the job here, right?

Well, according to Metro NY, this is the first post-Heps earthquake to ever hit New York City. Back in February, that outlet reported, “The last big quake to hit New York City was a 5.3-magnitude tremor in 1884 that happened at sea in between Brooklyn and Sandy Hook. While no one was killed, buildings were damaged.”

So, given nothing to go on, we are predicting a solid season from the Quakers. Makes sense, right?

One Response to “OMG! It Knocked Over A Chair”

  1. Shep says:


    I think you’re right on. Go Quakers!