That’s One Quick Kilometer

Never mind that this is not a commonly contested event, it has certainly been contested enough to produce big names on the all-time lists.

In an interview posted by Peter Gambaccini at Runners World, our (yes, our) Morgan Uceny casual described her workout from the other day by saying:

“It was kind of a race simulation, so I did a 1k (kilometer), where the first 600 was pretty controlled, a little slower than race pace, and then I focused on just running a hard last 400. I think I ended up running a mid-55 (seconds), and I had a rabbit who helped me. But it was kind of simulating the way the races have been going. I had a slow tempo run afterwards to kind of just flush out the lactic acid. I think my overall time (for the 1k) ended up being 2:34.”

Well, we don’t know where in the 2:34s that time was, but keep in mind that only two Americans — Regina Jacobs and Suzy Hamilton — have ever clocked a time faster than 2:34 for 1k. And Hamilton managed it by less than a tenth-of-a-second.

In short, we think Uceny is ready for the Worlds.

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