What In The Worlds

If I’ve not been posting as frequently as maybe we should, please keep in mind that I am overseeing Worlds’ coverage for the Armory. And that’s a place you should definitely visit (frequently, by the way). Here’s the link.

Now, the big news out of Daegu today was the false start of Usain Bolt in the 100-meter dash finals. Even silver medalist, Walter Dix of the U.S., found the action somewhat objectionable. “I didn’t really think they were going to kick him out,” he said. “How can you kick Usain out of the race?”

And tonight Cornell assistant coach Robert Johnson, one of the founders of LetsRun.com, posted evidence that Bolt didn’t false start. He contends that eventual gold medalist Yahon Blake should have been tossed instead. Take a look:

2 Responses to “What In The Worlds”

  1. Greg Page says:

    Nice catch by Robert et al., but Blake’s flinching like that would rarely be considered a false start or a DQ.¬† If the starter had spotted it, s/he would (almost certainly)¬†just have called up the runners, charged no one with a false start (though perhaps giving a warning to Blake), and then restarted the race.

  2. Joe Arthur says:

    i don’t know … Bolt’s start is so close to simultaneous with Blake’s movement, I’m not convinced that he was reacting to that movement. Maybe they both reacted to some nearby noise.