Let Us Gloat

Okay, this is completely and utterly self-indulgent.

I was reading through a Runner’s World interview with the world’s top 1,500-meter runner today and she referenced HepsTrack.com. Okay, not by name, but we all know what she meant. 🙂

RW — When you were back in your Cornell days, clearly you had a good Ivy League career. But was how much training you do limited, because of the academics? Did you ever feel you were underachieving because you couldn’t ‘max’ out your capabilities there?â€Ļ
Not really. I was pretty content with the situation I was in, and I loved my team and I loved school. There was really nowhere else I wanted to be. And even now, looking back, yeah I could have gone to an athletic school on scholarship and maybe I would have done better early on, but maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I would have suffered now. So I think doing those steps early on has maybe enabled me to have the success I have today. Maybe the Ivy League was a stepping stone.

RW — Were you and Anna Pierce (who was at Brown) sort of friendly rivals in the conference?
â€ĻI actually didn’t even know (who) she was. She did mostly steeple and cross country and events like that. It was funny because there was a picture posted, maybe at the Heps online magazine, it was me and then Anna in the background from a championship meet. I told her, “I didn’t even know you were in that race.” It’s funny now, because we’re such good friends. But I didn’t actually know her much until we got out of the conference.

By the way, that is Cornell grad Ed Chai with Morgan Uceny at Saturday’s Fifth Avenue Mile. Thanks much, Ed and Artie Smith for sending it along.

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