Looking For Rosey

Okay, without anything going on with cross country this week, I was struggling to find something to write about. Blogger’s block.

But then Karyn Parsons, who played Hillary on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, reminded me of a story about an athlete from the Ivy League that everyone should know about. He wasn’t a track athlete, but a football player. An undersized one at that.

Parsons now runs Sweet Blackberry, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to sharing the history of African-Americans in a way that schools do not. And Saturday she posted a Wikipedia link to the story of the Little Rock Nine.

That brought back thoughts of former Yalie Roosevelt Thompson. I wrote a story about him several years ago and talked to former teachers and teammates along the way. Even though it was more than 20 years after his tragic death, everyone I talked to cried during our interview.

Here is the story I wrote and below is his story told by the late Charles Kuralt.

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