By Any Means Necessary

This is not really a Heps’ story. Maybe it is.

When I first came to the Ivy League, it was as an assistant publicity director at Penn back in 1989.

And I spent a fair amount of time in the old shared office of the men’s basketball and men’s track coaches. That little office held seven people who became Division I coaches — including the three track coaches who are current head coaches in the Ivy League — Charlie Powell at Penn, Nathan Taylor at Cornell and Dave Shoehalter at Yale.

The assistant coaches on the men’s basketball staff at the time were Fran O’Hanlon (Lafayette), Steve Donahue (Boston College) and Gil Jackson (Howard). And then there was the head hoops coach. Dunph.

Fran Dunphy — who now the head coach at Temple — came to Penn in 1988 and the following year, my first year, was named the Quakers’ head coach.

The Quakers lost nearly as many Ivy games in his first three years (20) than his next 11 seasons combined (21). Another way to look at it is, when I was his publicist, he won 52 percent of his conference games. Without me, he has won 82 percent of them.

So I am sure he misses me.

But now he is missing something else — his trademark bushy mustache that had resided above his upper lip since 1971.

He lost it yesterday at a press conference because he promised one of his former players that he’d shave it off when he graduated. He wagered his mustache on a bet that he was hoping to lose.

Let’s hope it grows back so he can do it again!

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