The Heps Nation Needs You

Here’s something new. HepsTrack is going to attempt something new and exciting at the Heps Cross Country Championships and we need a little help.

The requirements are pretty darn simple. We are looking for two or three responsible folks who plan on being at Heps in Princeton on Oct. 29… and who will be there with a charged iPhone (or an iPad with remote access).

Here’s all that will be required in advance. Those selectees — who will be heaped with public praise — will need to sign up in advance on a free website and then download a free app on the iPhone.

From there, the job is pretty easy. It will require a slight amount of moving about during the races, but there will be plenty of time to be in position to watch and cheer on the finish. If you are interested in serving the Heps Nation that will be unable to attend, email me.

One Response to “The Heps Nation Needs You”

  1. Laura Maroon says:

    sorry, we didn’t see this sooner! It was a helluva race