Getting To Know Your Darkhorses

The folks at Flotrack have assembled a committee to stay atop the FloAwards Watchlist, cross country’s version of the Heisman Watch. The committee keeps it pretty short and sweet. Top three runners, top three rookies, top three teams. And then they include a ‘darkhorse’ to watch out for.

No Ivy Leaguers are among the top threes (although Princeton star Donn Cabral beat No. 3 Chris Derrick of Stanford at the adidas Invitational in Wisconsin), but two of the four individual darkhorses are indeed Heps’ darkhorses.

The women’s pick is Dartmouth All-American Abbey D’Agostino, who came within four seconds of winning the Indiana State Pre-National Invitational. Said Flotrack: “The Dartmouth sophomore quietly finished third in the NCAA 5000 meters last spring in an Ivy League record 15:40.69 and has carried on the momentum to this cross country season. Her runner-up finish at Pre-Nationals officially places her name on the map with some of the nation’s strongest women.”

The men’s rookie pick? Princeton freshman Sam Pons, who didn’t run this past weekend in the Wisconsin meet. Pons had been named the Hepstrack Rookie of the Week not long ago when he was the first freshman across the line in a deep field at the Notre Dame Invitational, finishing 25th.

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