Heps Track, Now Serving NYC

Usually, beginning Wednesday before Heps, we start launching team-by-team previews with photos from Dan Grossman. The whole bag of treats.

But this week, that won’t happen. I wanted it to happen, but I instead wound up moving from the Midwest to Manhattan this week. Tonight, in fact, is my first night in the City.

So instead of getting down to the business of previews, I was packing, unpacking, riding and such.

BUT… I will be there on Saturday and we hope to have a lot in store for that day. We will start on Thursday. And for the fun of it, I will give you what weather.com is saying for Saturday in Princeton.

High of 47 degrees, 30 percent chance of showers. Winds out of the NNE at eight miles an hour.

Also, contrary to previously published reports, the women’s race is at noon and the awards ceremony is scheduled for 1 pm.

One Response to “Heps Track, Now Serving NYC”

  1. Greg Page says:

    Brett, welcome to Gotham!