Mullen, Yelsey Headline The Hepsters? Update!

I don’t know for sure if this post is accurate, mainly because I am relying simply off memory and looking down the results lists from today’s ING New York City Marathon.

But if I am correct, the fastest Hepsters in NYC today were both former Heps’ milers. In 2007, Caroline Mullen of Princeton ran the fastest Outdoor Heps 1,500m qualifying time (4:27.89), but was edged by teammate Liz Costello in the final. Today a Caroline Mullen was 68th at the Marathon, just missing a milestone and finishing in 3:00:45.

The suspected fastest Heps’ male? Former Yalie Josh Yelsey, who was 163rd in 2:42:01. Back in 2005, he won the slowest 1,500m in Heps’ history. And it wasn’t the slowest by just a little bit as his winning time was a crazy 4:15.51. Even more crazy is that Ben True of Dartmouth, now an American distance star, was fourth in that race. If you ran in that one (captured by photographer Dan Grossman above), let us know what happened.

AND THIS IN FROM PENN ASSISTANT COACH ROBIN MARTIN: Recent Penn grad Jeff Weinstein was 68th at the Marathon is 2:33:51. Sorry for the oversight!

And congrats to Caroline and Josh and, now, Jeff!

2 Responses to “Mullen, Yelsey Headline The Hepsters? Update!”

  1. Rmartin says:

    Jeff Weinstein 68th.   2:33   Penn!

  2. Mary says:

    I think you meant 3:00.45 for Caroline, not 30 hrs…