Tigers Are Champs; Lions Back In Blue

Joe Stilin and the Princeton Tigers were champions of the IC4A Championships at Van Cortlandt Park on Saturday in advance of Monday’s NCAA title run by his mates. Former teammate and current coach Kyle Soloff told ArmoryTrack’s Elliott Denman: “There’s tons of tradition in the IC4A and ECAC meets and, unfortunately, sometime that’s forgotten. But not for us. Joe Stilin, he’s an amazing runner. He struggled throughout the season. It was frustrating for him. But today he turned it all around. It’s so great that he was able to go out like this. We knew he had it in him all along.”

Also on ArmoryTrack — A Tony DeSabato photo of the Columbia Lions running in all-black at the Northeast Regionals in Buffalo last weekend. Bonus: Kyle Merber writes about the experience. “I’ll never be more proud to dawn the Columbia blue [after a week in black] in Terre Haute on Monday. Without each other, we’d have no guys on that line at Nationals. But together, we find a point to running despite the slim chances of ever achieving Olympic medals — the friendship, the team.”

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