Why Do They Run

Over the course of our travels, HepsTrack has heard of many comparisons for when athletes explain why they like to run.  But the following quote from the Yale Daily News is a first:

For Kevin Lunn ’13, captain of the Yale men’s 2012 cross country team, distance running is like having a “super needy, high-maintenance girlfriend.”

“She yells at me on Sunday morning if I went out the night before,” he said. “She tells me when to eat, when to study and when to go to bed. But at the end of the day, we are in love, and I can’t imagine living without her.”

Members of the Yale’s distance core were interviewed for this article about their year-round training, which appeared on the school newspaper’s website last week.  While Lunn may have had the most colorful quote in the article, Nahil Kayali probably had the quote which could be the most common answer on why they run:

“Competing is probably the most fun [aspect], and the fact that we have three seasons makes it all the more worthwhile,” Kayali said. “There’s no fun in training if we’re not going to compete, so we’re lucky.”




Photo by Sam Rubin (Y ’95), Yale Sports Publicity

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