iHeps12 — Women’s Horizontals

In 2011, the women’s long jump title was decided by three-quarters-of-an-inch as Columbia’s Uju Ofoche got the surprise win over conference leader Melissa Hewitt of Cornell. This weekend could prove to be a repeat, as Hewitt leads the standings with 20-3 3/4 and Ofoche is right behind her in 20-0 1/4. These two have not competed against each other yet this season. Hewitt will be getting team support from Anjelique Parnell while Nadia Eke has Ofoche’s back in this battle. Don’t rule out Harvard jumpers Ashtynn Baltimore and Olivia Weeks as they can go the distance with all of these ladies. Eke and Weeks will also battle each other in the triple jump as they are currently 1-2 in the league standings as both of them have leapt over 41 feet. Princeton’s Imani Oliver is not far behind them as she has already jumped 40-9 3/4. The defending champion Queen Okeke may not have jumped many times this winter so far, but she is now healthy and knows what kind of jumps it will take to get the crown. Cornell also has the potential to score many points in this event as Hewitt, Kristin Brandt and Savannah Johnson are all in scoring positions. Penn’s Catherine Okoukoni is aiming to finish her senior year with a good triple finish. — Mary Boggs

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