iHeps12 — The Multis

The multi-events are typically are hard to predict as many of the athletes may compete this for the first time at Indoor Heps. So far this season, both defending champions, Dartmouth’s Janae Dunchack and Cornell’s Nick Huber, have both competed. Huber currently leads the 2012 conference listings with a personal best 5,550 points. Cornell has a strong history in the multi-events, so HepsTrack is expecting them to earn a number of points in this event, particularly with returning competitors Vince Formica, Josh Cusick and Mike Rabbit. Princeton’s Richard Sheldon and Brown’s Evan Weinstock could break up a potential Cornell top four sweep in this event. Dunchack is currently in second place behind Harvard’s Mary Hirst, who is also a high jump specialist. Dunchack and Hirst competed against each other at the Harvard Multi-Event meet in January with Hirst taking a narrow 3,404-3,361 victory. Dartmouth’s Priscilla Trojano is in the hunt to win her fourth multi title as she won both indoor and outdoor in the past. Harvard also has scoring threats with Nicole Sliva and Christine Reed. Cornell’s Karen Schillinger and Princeton’s Elizabeth McKenna look to sneak in to get some points. — Mary Boggs

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  1. Guest says:

    Trojano is actually looking for her fourth multi title. She won the pentathlon in 2010 as well.

  2. guest says:

    mary hirst alll dayyyyyy

  3. Guest says:

    Correction: Trojano won the HEPTATHLON in 2010 as well.