What We Think — Men

We think Fred Samara may be smiling on Sunday afternoon, but just barely. Click below to see why.

Here’s what we think on the men’s side, event by event.

60m Dash            
  1  Spooney, John                 SO Brown                   
  2  Bain, Chris                   SO Cornell                    
  3  Aaronson, Chase               SR Cornell                   
  4  Reilly, Connor                JR Dartmouth                   
  5  Egi, William                  FR Princeton                    
  6  Adarquah-Yiadon, Jedidiah     JR Cornell   

400m Dash                  
  1  Hopkins, Tom                  SO Princeton                     
  2  Bieszard, Matt                SR Yale                           
  3  Dingus, John                  SR Harvard               
  4  McClain, Kenny                SR Cornell                    
  5  Love, Cody                    SO Columbia                    
  6  Rabbitt, Mike                 SO Cornell  

500m Dash                 
  1  Dinkins, Russell              JR Princeton  
  2  Kovalczyk, Billy              SO Columbia                    
  3  Freitas, Brian                SR Cornell                     
  4  Claflin, Connor               FR Columbia 
  5  Thomas, Daniel                SR Cornell                   
  6  Elder, Nathan                 JR Brown

800m Run                 
  1  Callahan, Peter               JR Princeton                     
  2  Wade, Nick                    JR Cornell                     
  3  McFann, Harry                 SO Columbia                  
  4  Fish, Brendon                 FR Columbia                     
  5  Admirand, Rutger              FR Cornell                     
  6  Fulton, Brian                 SR Penn

1000m Run                                                
  1  Paternostro, Bradley          FR Princeton             
  2  Van Ackeren, Trevor           SR Princeton                    
  3  Tansey, Liam                  JR Columbia                 
  4  Wilson, Darcy                 SR Harvard   
  5  Everett, Daniel               FR Columbia    
  6  Palmisano, Michael            JR Princeton    

Mile Run                  
  1  Merber, Kyle                  JR Columbia                    
  2  Stilin, Joe                   SR Princeton                   
  3  Behnke, Adam                  JR Columbia                     
  4  Schilkowsky, John             SO Cornell                   
  5  Miner, Matt                   JR Dartmouth                  
  6  Van Ackeren, Trevor           SR Princeton   

3000m Run                              
  1  Cabral, Donn                  SR Princeton                     
  2  Lowry, Dan                    SR Brown            
  3  Stilin, Joe                   SR Princeton 
  4  Bleday, John                  SO Dartmouth 
  5  Composto, Nico                SO Columbia   
  6  Bendtsen, Chris               SO Princeton 

5000m Run                 
  1  Cabral, Donn                  SR Princeton                  
  2  Shaw, Ethan                   SR Dartmouth                     
  3  Murphy, Mike                  JR Columbia                    
  4  Bendtsen, Chris               SO Princeton   
  5  Doherty, Adam                 JR Dartmouth                 
  6  Snyder, Austin                JR Brown        

60m Hurdles                  
  1  Hagberg, Dan                  SR Cornell                   
  2  Sheldon, Richard              JR Princeton                     
  3  Huber, Nick                   SR Cornell   
  4  Harris, Jarvis                FR Harvard             
  5  Hopkins, Tom                  SO Princeton  
  6  Zeller, Zach                  JR Cornell        
4x400m Relay                                                
  1  Princeton                                                    
  2  Cornell                                                     
  3  Columbia                                                  
  4  Harvard                                                      
  5  Brown                                                        
  6  Penn     

4x800m Relay                                                
  1  Columbia                                                   
  2  Penn                                                         
  3  Yale                                                       
  4  Princeton                                                      
  5  Cornell                                                       
  6  Harvard                                                      

Distance Medley Relay                                                
  1  Princeton                                                   
  2  Columbia                                                   
  3  Penn                                                         
  4  Harvard                                                    
  5  Yale                                                         
  6  Dartmouth  

High Jump                   
  1  Reynolds, Maalik              SO Penn                       
  2  Butler, Tommy                 SO Cornell   
  3  Blair, Montez                 SO Cornell                     
  4  Arlinghaus, Chris             SR Cornell    
  5  Birck, Jeremy                 FR Dartmouth                  
  6  Yoder, Sam                    FR Dartmouth   

Pole Vault                  
  1  Weiler, Nico                  JR Harvard                     
  2  Slovenski, David              SR Princeton                   
  3  Hynes, Derek                  SR Princeton                    
  4  Roach, Peter                  SO Cornell                    
  5  Marks, Jason                  SR Columbia                  
  6  Kim, David                    SO Cornell  

Long Jump                 
  1  Bell, Steven                  SO Cornell                     
  2  Soerens, Stephen              FR Princeton                      
  3  Aaronson, Chase               SR Cornell                   
  4  McLean, Damon                 SO Princeton                  
  5  Formica, Vince                SR Cornell  
  6  Hopkins, Tom                  SO Princeton  

Triple Jump                  
  1  McLean, Damon                 SO Princeton                    
  2  Bell, Steven                  SO Cornell                      
  3  Scott, Dan                    SO Cornell                           
  4  Carr, Efayomi                 SR Penn                
  5  Owusu-Nyanteky, Nana          FR Princeton                    
  6  Thompson, Kenneth             JR Brown    

Shot Put
  1  Mozia, Stephen                FR Cornell                    
  2  Glauser, Ben                  FR Harvard                       
  3  Brode, Dustin                 SO Harvard                     
  4  Belden, Bob                   SR Cornell                 
  5  Park, Patrick                 SR Princeton                     
  6  Filiano, Dom                  SO Dartmouth    

Weight Throw                  
  1  McCullough, Conor             FR Princeton                    
  2  Dickerson, Duncan             SO Columbia                     
  3  Belden, Bob                   SR Cornell                   
  4  Glauser, Ben                  FR Harvard                     
  5  Brode, Dustin                 SO Harvard                      
  6  Levine, Michael               JR Yale 

  1  Huber, Nick                   SR Cornell                     
  2  Weinstock, Evan               SO Brown      
  3  Cusick, Josh                  SR Cornell  
  4  Formica, Vince                SR Cornell  
  5  Sheldon, Richard              JR Princeton                   
  6  Ryan, Chris                   SR Cornell  

Team Scores
Princeton 166
Cornell 165
Columbia 90
Harvard 53
Penn 42
Brown 31
Dartmouth 25
Yale 17 

5 Responses to “What We Think — Men”

  1. Guest says:

    Pole vault will go to Slovenski.  Let’s be real. 

  2. Guest says:

    This seems a little silly to me.  For instance, Tom Hopkins 6th in the long jump.  The kid is a trouper and a ridiculous athlete.  There are a couple of others examples also. Is this just gut feeling not based on lists?

    • Surfliner says:

       Why silly? A (very) good effort has been made with these lists, which add to the excitement. Let’s just enjoy it. And many thanks.