Men’s relays

Are you ready for some relays? With the men’s HJ still to be completed, Cornell has narrowed the margin to 22 behind Princeton. It appears that Cornell may gain 18 more in the HJ, making them 4 behind entering the closing DMR, 4×8 and 4×4.

DMR Harvard opens with 2:59.2 1200, Princeton well back at 3:05.6. Cornell now 2nd, Princeton 8th! Looks like Callahan will anchor for Princeton.

Merber anchoring for Columbia. Harvard solid lead, then Columbia, Cornell.

57 high for Callahan opening 400, as he passes his first runner. 2:00 at 800. 3:03 at 1200.

Big closing 400 for Merber as Columbia wins the race. Callahan closes well, 4:02 for 1600, gets 2nd and 8 big points for Princeton, as Cornell fades to 6th. Princeton gains 7 points 8-1, 171-142 with HJ and 2 relays remaining.


7 teams, no Yale.

Unofficially, HJ scoring will be 18 for Cornell, 1 for Princeton. If so, that makes the scores 172-160 advantage Princeton entering the final two relays.

1:55.1 leadoff for Columbia, Princeton in 2nd, Cornell 4th. Scoring: Cornell has to finish ahead of Princeton in this race to retain a mathematical chance of winning the meet.

On the final exchange it’s Columbia-Princeton, and Cornell has moved into 3rd, 6 yards back. Now Cornell moves into 2nd ahead of Princeton with 2 to go. Cornell stays in 2nd! This means a 10-point differential heading into the concluding 4×4.


Section I Brown 3:17.42

II Cornell 3:18, Princeton 3:19, Columbia 3:20, Harvard 3:21, so Brown wins the event on time. Unofficially Princeton wins the men’s meet 184, Cornell 176. The drama in this race however came on the 2nd leg when Russell Dinkins, running for Princeton, slowed noticeably, losing a lot of ground. Princeton needed to score at least 1 point in this event. At the exchange, Dinkins fell to the infield, grabbing his leg.


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