Women’s 3k Championship


Two-section final, 11 runners in the Unseeded section. Heidi Caldwell of Brown, upset winner of the 5K, did not start. In the Seeded, Columbia and Cornell have 3 entries each. Cornell’s ace Katie Kellner however faded in Saturday’s 5K, apparently due to recent illness. Columbia has McDonough, Neer and Lanois, all of whom have already placed at other distances.

Section I Elizabeth Marvin of Yale 9:48.02

Section II Katie Sullivan and Alexi Pappas of Dartmouth to the early lead, followed by Waverly Neer and Kellner. 3:10.89 for first kilo

Sullivan has dropped out. Pappas-Neer-Kellner, then Margaret Connelly and Ari Garber of Brown

6:18.14 at 2K for Pappas and Neer. Kellner has dropped back to the front of a 4-person chase pack.  Neer takes the lead, pulls away from Pappas over the last 300. McDonough makes big late move to get 4th for Columbia. Cornell fades to 5th and 6th.

TEAM SCORING UPDATES: Cornell will need to have a stellar finish on both sides to get past the Princeton men and the Columbia women. Although Cornell has a lot of points left to tally, the Big Red trails Princeton by 42 on the men’s side. On the women’s side, the Columbia led has ballooned to 29 points.

If you go to the result pages frequently, you may need to hit the refresh button on your browser to see the updates. Click here for the women’s results. And click here for the men’s results.

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