Women’s relays

As the women’s two relay races begin, two field events are also still in progress, the shot put and triple jump, so team scores remain uncertain.


Princeton opens with 2:11, with Cornell and Columbia not far behind. On the 2nd leg the race tightens, with all but Dartmouth in the hunt. Cornell takes the lead on the 2nd exchange. Mikaelian running for Princeton.

SP results are in, Cornell scores 11, it’s now Columbia 102, Cornell 84.

Cornell in the lead on the anchor leg, Princeton 2nd, Columbia 3rd. Princeton wins it in a fast 8:44.32. Score is now Columbia 104, Cornell 92, with TJ and 4×4 remaining.


I A terrific Unseeded race, Brown beats Columbia, both running 3:46.88

TJ Columbia goes 1-3 with Eke and Okeke, wrapping up the team championship. Columbia now has 120, Cornell 93.

II Cornell wins in 3:45.76, Princeton 3:46.75, so they go 1-2, ahead of the other section

Unofficial final women’s scores Columbia 124, Cornell 103

One Response to “Women’s relays”

  1. Mary says:

    How could Columbia place third and only get 2 points? According to the time sheets, Dartmouth placed 3rd…