Changing of the Guard


Last December, HepsTrack reported that Charlie Powell had resigned from the head coaching position of the Penn men’s track and field team.  The announcement surprised many people, including some his coaching staff.

Robin Martin, an assistant coach at the time and a former All-American at Penn, recalled the memory to the Penn Gazette, as he said he was floored by the news and called Coach Powell to make sure he was ok.  “I am now,” Powell told him, “because it’s in the right hands.”

Martin is now the interim head coach for the men’s squad and it has been a bit of transition for him.  Martin only began coaching three years ago after doing some work in business management in New York, so jumping into the head coaching position was a bit stressful.  But Martin has not let that intimidate him.

“Because it’s my alma mater and it’s the beginning of my coaching career, it’s a double passion,” Martin says. “For me, not to [work long hours] would be contrary to every fiber in my being. It’s a labor of love.”

At the end of January, Martin announced his first freshmen incoming class to the Daily Pennsylvanian.  “To say I’m excited is an understatement,” said Martin said to the newspaper at the time, “It was definitely worth every phone call and every letter we sent.”

With Indoor Heps under his belt and two more indoor meets to go (IC4As and NCAAs) for his rookie indoor coaching season, Coach Martin will sit at his desk and look at the empty window sill next to him.  Powell had left the team trophies he led on the window sill after he left, but Martin put those trophies in a different section of the office.  The reasoning: “I want to walk in and see an empty window and realize I haven’t done anything yet,” said Martin.

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