Social Media Problem

Cornell alum and Hanson runner Sage Canaday seems to have a problem… recently on Flotrack, Canaday came out as a “runner with a social media problem” on his website blog.  He describes the symptoms below:

Have you caught the bug? I have. Symptoms include having 3 or more of the following accounts and checking all of them at least tri-weekly: Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, eBlogger, and […] Flotrack.

(note: please comment and add anymore sites that you think are worthy of being in this description as I’m sure I’ve left out a few big ones).

…ALSO, when you check the “news” it means you go to

If this sounds like you, then you might be a runner with a social media problem. I was self-diagnosed about 8 months ago when I became addicted to Twitter. Now I spend my days with an itchy finger on my MacBook’s track pad, frantically scrolling through Tweets with multiple browsing windows open to bitly, YouTube, and Facebook all cluttered across the screen.

His humorous entry does have a few good points, particularly on how to use social media as a way to not only communicate with fellow athletes, but as a way to share the sport to fans all over the world and possibly recruit new fans.

Although, if he did ever drop his social media problem, it looks like he can always find something else to keep him occupied when he is not running…

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