If I Ruled Heps

1. All Indoor Heps Championships would take place at The Armory. In the last 10 years of Indoor Heps, there have been more meet top 10 performances on the famed oval at The Armory (52) than on the ovals of the other eight Championships combined (43). Per Championships, that comes to an average of 26.0 at The Armory and 5.4 elsewhere. Plus it makes travel sense, alumni bases are engaged by it and fund-raising is an option. Oh yes, I feel compelled to report that I work at The Armory, but I’d feel this way even if I didn’t.

2. No more Outdoor Heps at Franklin Field. Despite weathering the grueling Penn Relays just a week or two before hosting Heps, the folks at Penn always do a great job of hosting the event. But the life is sucked out of the event by the cavernous stadium. When 26 of every 27 seats is empty, the event seems rather stale and dull. All the Ivy schools descend on Franklin Field in late April for the best event in the sport. That should be enough.

3. No more three round schedules. Wanna sit around for an hour doing nothing while nothing is happening at a track meet? Come to Heps on Saturday. Heps still has three rounds scheduled for the sprints and hurdles even though 67 of the last 71 scheduled first rounds have been cancelled because of lack of required entrants to support a third round. And at least one of those featured a walk through. After a false start, every runner was scheduled to advance as long as they finished. Please. Enough of this.

4. Webstreaming. Seems like all Ivy Championships are pretty much webcast by the Ivy office, except for track and field. Give me the rights to do it, a small stipend and a reasonable amount of time to figure it out and I’ll do it.

5. Change the course of history. On the indoor schedule, kill the men’s 500m and 1k runs and add the 200m for the men and the distance medley relay for the women. Also, time to kill the women’s outdoor 3k. Should have been done 10 years ago when the steeple was added.

6. More open process. Instead of releasing Championship entries on Friday night before Heps, release them on Friday morning and give folks the chance to debate and talk some trash.

7. Logos, fresh new logos. Most of the schools and the Ivy office would have to go back and start over on their visual identities. New logos. And one rule is that you can’t simply have the first letter of your school name printed with the school color. That is neither original or creative.

Okay, that’s a start. Probably more to come.

7 Responses to “If I Ruled Heps”

  1. Greg Page says:

    Webstreaming would be *hugely* popular.  And I agree that the women’s 3,000 needs to leave the outdoor meet: it distorts the competition’s schedule and emphasis, and it’s already tough enough trying to cover 22 events with only 36 people–a 23d  is unnecessary.
    OTOH, good luck with getting Cornell, at least, to change its uniform.  That sash tradition isn’t going anywhere, I’d say…

    • Brett Hoover says:

      I am not asking Cornell to change its uniform. In fact, I like the slash. And Cornell is one of the schools whose logo is at the top. I like the bear! If your logo is a letter or shaped like a spaceship, then I am looking at you.

  2. Guest says:

    I’m open almost all of these except for #7.  As a recent alum, I was super proud to wear the Princeton P on my chest. 

  3. Rick Berryman says:

    That will stir the pot a bit….

  4. Mary says:

    It would also be nice if the League even reported results/news correctly, as they really botched who earned All-American and were very inconsistent on posting any other outside-championship results.  Granted, if they did that correctly then HepsTrack would be out of a job.