The Ultra Experience

Most of the time here at HepsTrack, we try to follow the road or track racing results throughout the year as there are many alumni who compete in these events on a regular basis.  There are times where we venture into the trail racing results, mainly when the headline proclaim Cornell alumnus Max King was winning a trail racing championship.

It looks like King has a new running buddy, as this past weekend, his former teammate Sage Canaday finished his first trail ultramarathon on March 17th.  Canaday finishing in second place in the Chuckanut Mountain 50k trail race in Bellingham, Washington and getting five stitches in his knee from falling onto some rocks within the last few miles from the finish.  King also competed, but during the course of the race, he took a wrong turn and managed to add on an extra four miles to his race.  Canaday blogged about his first trail race experience on

Previously, Canaday has trained with the Hanson-Brooks Distance Project in Michigan and competed in a few road marathons, including the Olympic Marathon Trials this past January.  However, Canaday noted in an online blog that he always seemed more at ease and more competitive in cross country-like events in high school and college.

Based on Canaday’s reflection of the race, it looks like we will be expecting his name more often on the ultra racing results.

The ultra running/trail scene is a little different from the typical road race marathon crowd and I like it! Everyone I met was really supportive, down-to-earth, and humble. From the sponsors handing out tons of food samples and products to the volunteer support, I felt welcomed to the ultra running community. It seems like trail running is a growing segment of our great sport and I can’t wait to get back out there and start training for another event!

Canaday will be a featured blogger on the Flotrack sister website,, that starts up this spring.

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