What are you doing with Facebook?

Well, we are shifting the old group page to a new social community page, which is easily accessed at HepsNation.com. Here’s why:

When this whole website began back in 2009, the thought was that we could connect folks from around Heps Nation through the website. It was envisioned that different generations from a single school might connect or folks who squared off in a race 20 years ago.

But the website has gone through a few iterations and it has yet to expand the connections quite as had been hoped. And the Facebook component as a group page was limited. So we have begun a new chapter at HepsTrack.com with what promises to be a more engaging Facebook page. We will be pushing more content than ever as we will be delivering on-site updates through Facebook (and Twitter) as opposed to the limitations of just the old delivery system of the website itself.

There will be information that will only be available there, feature story links, event updates and more. So you are encouraged to make the switch to HepsNation.com. That way, you won’t miss a thing. And we don’t even know every use yet, so if you care about Heps — as athletes and coaches, alumni and parents, fans and siblings — come check it out.

And, yes, HepsTrack.com is definitely here to stay. We are just trying to do a little Nation building.

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