Olympic Hopefuls Showcased

Two U.S. hopefuls from the Heps Nation were showcased over the weekend in two of the nation’s widest-circulated newspapers.

Phil Hersh of the Chicago Tribune spent time with Delilah DiCrescenzo, the former Columbia steeplechaser who was in the Windy City to compete in the Shamrock Shuffle. DiCrescenzo finished in 25:49, second among 19,642 women, yet was still disappointed with her finish. After hanging with Julia Lucas for four miles, she crossed the line 12 seconds behind her.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Kevin Baxter of the L.A. Times profiled Cornell graduate Morgan Uceny, who was wooed to Mammoth Lakes by yet another Ivy Leaguer — Anna Pierce who ran at Brown.

Uceny told Baxter that she’s “a selfish person” because she intends to be on the podium in London and doesn’t “really care about other Americans getting [there].”

One Response to “Olympic Hopefuls Showcased”

  1. Greg Page says:

    Thanks for the link to the Uceny article.  I especially liked this: “Just being at altitude isn’t going to do anything. You have to know how to use it.”
    Having spent some months in Flagstaff (summer of 1968, when Ryun and George Young and Conrad Nightingale were there), I can only say, “Hear, hear!”  The altitude by itself won’t get the job done, and can even make you *less* fit if you don’t know how to make it work for you.