Marvellous News

Sometimes the best story of the season doesn’t come from the swiftest runner or mightiest thrower. In dishing out the 2012 Armory College Awards, Jack Pfeifer picked Columbia sophomore Marvellous Iheukwumere as the Athlete of the Year for leading the Sharay Hale-less Lions to their first-ever Heps track & field team championship.

The Austin, Texas, native won the 200 at Heps (24.63) and was second in the 60 (7.62). She had actually run faster at The Armory in both events.

She was one of five Ivy Leaguers to receive Armory recognition, joining teammate Uju Ofoche, a long jumper, as well as three men — Penn high jumper Maalik Reynolds, Columbia half-miler Harry McFann and Columbia senior standout Kyle Merber.

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