If I Ruled Heps, Part III

Okay, yet another great alum has shown me the way here. In the same month that I was born (May, 1964), future Brown Hall of Famer Dave Farley ran his fastest mile (4:06.6) to win the IC4A title at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

So Farley posted a comment to last week’s “Bring back Army & Navy” post, closing with “Adjusting the events for men and women is a no-brainer — including substituting outdoor mile for 1500.”

HepsTrack.com is behind the notion of bringing back the mile. In fact, it can be done without argument as a finish camera can be placed at the 1,500m mark for an en-route mark (which is totally acceptable as an NCAA qualifying time). En-route times were used from the Wanamaker Mile at Millrose Games during the indoor season.

It would cost a little bit more to set up the additional timing device, but then again, maybe a timer would be willing to eat the expense to bring back the mile. Probably not, but you never know.

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