Your First Look

Click here for your first look at the 2012 Outdoor Heps schedule of events. As you can see, Penn assistant Tony Tenisci is pretty happy about it.

Things will kick off on Saturday, May 5, at roughly 11 am and run through about 6 pm. That will give everyone a chance to dine at the New Deck Tavern on Samsom Street about two blocks from Franklin Field. This is an unpaid endorsement. I have been hanging out at the Deck during Penn Relays week for more than 20 years now. If your wallet is thicker than mine, try the White Dog next door.

On Sunday, the multi eventers will be up and at it by 9:30 am while the not-so-multi-taskers will sleep in a bit (11 am for the first field event and 11:30 for the first race of the day). As you know, mayhem shall ensue. Athletes will smile. Some will cry. Coaches will yell. Some will console. By 5 pm, the awards ceremony will call for all the competitors to hang out together on the stadium floor and the buses will get into position.

Outdoor Heps 2012. You should be starting to feel it.

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