The Unexpected Guest

So, Dartmouth grad Ben True and Cornell grad Morgan Uceny both won lead-up events to the Boston Marathon. And Columbia grad Brendan Martin and Dartmouth grad Hilary Dionne both had sensational top-15 finishes in the big event itself.

Yet it was Glenn Randall who caused the biggest stir among the Hepsters running through the Boston metropolitan streets on Monday. For that Dartmouth grad, who came into the race with a personal best of 2:20:40 in Chicago last year, led the famous race through six miles in 29:51.

He chugged out to a lead of more than 100 meters, causing an uproar in the land of Twitter. Who’s this big guy in a triathlon suit winning the Boston Marathon? Shortly after the 10k mark, Randall was swallowed up by the leaders before finishing 60th overall in 2:37.13.

We hope to hear from Glenn. We would love to share his experience as the unexpected early story at the Boston Marathon.

A little about Randall’s Heps history. He was among the top 30 at Heps cross country in four straight years, improving each time out. As a freshman in 2005, he was 29th. From there he improved to 27th, then 15th and finally ninth in 2008.

His only point-scoring finish at either Indoor or Outdoor Heps came in 2008 when he was third in the outdoor 10k in 2008, finishing 15 seconds behind champion Sage Canaday.


Update: Zeb Lang of got a chance to talk to Glenn Randall about his bold tactics at the Boston Marathon this past Monday.  Randall responded that he didn’t think he had gone out that fast, but had gone out too slow:

“(I felt I) should’ve let loose a little more. I was physically holding back and I wasn’t flowing,” said Randall on a phone interview from Colorado on Tuesday. “Then all of a sudden, I was all alone. I really wasn’t going that fast.  Last year I would’ve been way off the back. At 9 km I started feeling pretty bad and had a rough last 20 miles.”

When asked whether he got a thrill out of leading at Boston, Glenn replied, “It was somewhat of a rush, but I was trying to stay within myself. I wasn’t giddy.”

For the full interview, please check here.

As an aside, Lang was a former runner at Cornell (with Letsun’s Robert Johnson aka “Rojo”) who graduated in 2003 and has since been assisting Rojo on both the website and coaching while finishing up his MBA at Cornell.

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