Leaping For USVI & Heps Nation

Come late in the afternoon on Saturday at the Penn Relays, one of the final field events — the Olympic Development Men’s Long Jump — is scheduled to start.

That event is bound to be a bit overshadowed by a series of 4×800-meter Championships of America, first the high school boys followed by the college women then the college men.

But that long jump will serve a first for HepsTrack as one of the participants, former NCAA Champion and U.S. Virgin Island triple jump record holder Muhammad Halim, will be leaping under the affiliation banner of “HepsTrack (USVI).”

So we are expecting great things from the former Cornell star! Muhammad agreed to do this because he was jumping unattached otherwise and he is a really nice guy.

So this is a call out for any former Heps athlete competing without endorsement or team affiliation. Instead of running “unattached,” run under the “HepsTrack” banner. We will create a record section for those who represent the site (although you’d have to send us a link to the results).

As for Phil Cawkwell and Jesse Carlin, both competing sans attachment at Penn Relays, there is still time!

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